"Miluka Rivera is an extraordinary and talented woman. She has made my life very happy with the Legado Puertorriqueño en Hollywood book and has made the Puerto Rican actors more visible and possibly appreciated."
---Legendary Puerto Rican actor Eugene Iglesias


Legado Puertorriqueño en Hollywood: Famosos y Olvidados" is a - “Publication that narrates the role of Puerto Ricans in cinema since the end of 19th century.” El Vocero of Puerto Rico, 4-1-2012.


Reviews about "Hollywood Latinos Offspring" byt Miluka Rivera


“Essential investigation about the acting career of Puerto Ricans and Latino-Americans on Broadway and Hollywood.”


“About her second [book “Hollywood Latinos Offspring”] she traces and tells about the Latin-Americans actors that became famous in the same world of the celluloid. A climatic point of all these efforts because the Puerto Ricans and Latinos became recognized in their entire splendor.


“In her second publication, with an introduction by Ricardo Montalbán, she made a new rescue of those Latin-American [stars] that found glory and fame in Hollywood. Such as Dolores del Río, Antonio Moreno, Katy Jurado, Raquel Welch, Lupe Vélez, Lupita Tovar –over 100- years old-, Anthony Quinn, Gilbert Roland, Carmen Miranda, Lynda Carter, Martin Sheen, and Rita Moreno. They are also six revealing interviews with Eugene Iglesias, Rita Moreno, Olga San Juan, Ricardo Montalbán, Anthony Quinn, Cesar Romero (a relative of the illustrious Cuban, Jose Martí.)”


--- Jorge Rodríguez (book critic), El Vocero de Puerto Rico
Escenario Weekend. April 1st, 2012.



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Terrific comments in Screen Actors Guild May's newsletter: see more: http://www.sag.org/puerto-rico-201105





Entrevista radial con Miluka Rivera en "Yo soy Latino" /Radio Interview (click)

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By Miluka Rivera

175 pages/Spanish
Lulu Publishing Company


[LEGADO PUERTORRIQUEÑO EN HOLLYWOOD: FAMOSOS Y OLVIDADOS] Actress/activist/writer Miluka Rivera brings us her latest endeavor, "Legado Puertorriqueño en Hollywood: Famosos y Olvidados" (Puerto Rican Legacy in Hollywood: The Famous and the Forgotten). In the making for more than 19 years, this book brings to light the contributions of Puerto Rican actors to the U.S. cinema industry, as well as Broadway. Through numerous interviews and biographies (plus hundreds of photographs), Rivera unfolds the saga of her early peers in both Hollywood and Broadway, thus presenting evidence of their presence, which dates back to the "silent movie" era. Written in seven parts, the book starts with a historic time-capsule section, followed by the chapters covering the early silent movie epoch; "Hollywood's Golden Era"; cinematography of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s; the evolution of Latin American cinema; biographies of pioneering Puerto Rican actors, and Puerto Rican Oscar recipients. The book also touches on cinema made in Puerto Rico and México, while highlighting legendary talents such as Alberto Morín, Blanca de Castejón, Perry López, Sammy Davis Jr., Evelyn del Rio, Diosa Costello and Olga San Juan, etc, in addition to Puerto Rican actors featured in North American television programs of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Tony Orlando, Freddie Prinze, Erik Estrada, Henry Darrow, Hector Elizondo, and Lisa Mordente, among others. Actor Henry Darrow (best known for his role as "Manolito Montoya" in the television series "The High Chaparral") wrote the introduction to this excellent and informative book. —Rudy Mangual (Latin Beat Magazine - www.latinbeatmagazine.com/reviews.html).


Boricuas in Hollywood

Book unravels legacy of screen stars

Miluka Rivera always wanted to go to Hollywood. When she got there, she found that she was not the only Puerto Rican who had ventured there, with varying results. There were many who had become famous. And many w

ho are forgotten, but who made their mark on films long before it was chic to be Hispanic.

Rivera, who grew up in Río Piedras, the last of seven children, is in town to promote her new book, “El legado puertorriqueño en Hollywood, los famosos y los olvidados” (The Puerto Rican Legacy in Hollywood, the Famous and the Forgotten), which tells us the stories of the early, and more recent, stars of the silver screen, some of whom we know, some which we don't.
She will present her book at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at La Tertulia in Old San Juan.

If she did not have her name in lights, at least she won the respect of those who did, she said in an interview with the Daily Sun.
The veteran entertainment journalist has done many interviews with the actors still living, cou

nting on them and their memories to write about the pioneers.

Henry Darrow, known to Puerto Ricans as Henry Tomás Delgado, wrote the introduction for her. The 77-year-old Emmy award winner, known for his work in “High Chaparral,” has worked steadily including his recent work “Resurrection Boulevard” with Rita Moreno.
Darrow praises Rivera for her activism, which has included bringing a chapter of the Screen Actors Guild to Puerto Rico and raising the consciousness of local actors to working conditions.

He calls her book “inspiring and educational,” noting that few Puerto Ricans have their names engraved in the famous sidewalk
He also praises the Puerto Rican actors who “have not received enough credit for he

lping to found the movie industry from its infancy.”
Juano Hernández was the first, Sammy Davis Jr. the most unlikely, and José Ferrer was the most famous. Then of course there was the multiple award winning Rita Moreno, and Chita, of Energizer Bunny kinship.

The book also tells of the long successful careers of Miriam Colón, Mapy Cortés, Héctor Elizondo, Raúl Dávila, Tony Martínez, Freddie Prinze, and Liz Torres.

Others, not so high-profile, include Norma Calderón, Armando Calvo, Fernando Cortés, Diosa Costello, Blanca de Castejón, Josefina Del Mar, Evelyn Del Río, Edith Díaz, Ernesto González, Perry López, Chinita Marín, Alberto Morín, Anna Navarro, José Perez, Marquita Rivera, Jaime Sánchez, Olga San Juan, Gregory Sierra, Henry Silva.

She also has interviews with Erik Estrada, Miguel Ferrer, and Jimmy Smits, and for a surprise ending, there is a section about what the Puerto Ricans said when they won an Oscar.

Three Puerto Ricans have received the Oscar, the name given to the award for excellence by the Academy of Film Arts, José Ferrer, Rita Moreno, and Benicio del Toro. In 82 years of the Oscar, a total of six Latin actors were nominated. Rosie Pérez was nominated for her supporting role in “Fearless,” Joaquín Phoenix was nominated for a supporting role in “Gladiator,” and later for Best Actor in 2006 for “Walk the Line.”

She also mentions recent actors Lin Manuel Miranda, Marc Anthony and Esai Morales. The first half of the book has chapters on such interesting topics as the decline of the golden era and the studio system, Puerto Ricans in silent cinema, impact of WWI on films, the government of the 1940s and the film industry, evolution of films in Latin America, and others.

The book just touches the surface of a subject which many readers will find fascinating. There is much to be proud of in the history of Puerto Rican cinema, and a long way still to go. As she speaks of the new producers, [Benicio] del Toro, Jennifer López, [Jimmy] Smits, and the latest star in the firmament Lin-Manuel Miranda, for whom the author augurs a bright future. There is definitely room here for a second volume. __Peggy Ann Bliss, (Puerto Rico Daily Sun, www.prdailysun.com/news/Boricuas-in-Hollywood).


Entrevista televisada de Liza Lugo de Univisión de Puerto Rico con Miluka Rivera acera de su libro Legado Puertorriqueño en Hollywood: Famosos y Olvidados: oprima aquí o visite:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMQZsXTObvw


Published: March 29, 2011 1:52 p.m.

Miluka Rivera, author of "Puerto Rican Legacy in Hollywood," is slated to speak at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 1 in room B209 at Irvine Valley College, 5500 Irvine Center Dr. Rivera will give a bilingual talk about her book, which focuses on famous Puerto Rican actors through the years. Admission is free. Seating is limited.