Miluka's Puerto Rico Hispanic Heritage Tour 2013

Miluka Rivera in WAPA America (Televicentro) ch 4,  Al Amanecer show, with Guillermo José Torres, Noemi Hernádez and Jorge Felpi who interviewed her. - 10-07-13 (photo © Navarre Matlovsky). (Right: Miluka with anchorman Ariel Rivera).

(left) Lourdes Collazo interviews Miluka Rivera in Acceso Total of Telemundo P.R.10-08-13 -  (Left) Miluka with padre Milton in Channel 13 show "Mi Gente."(photos © Navarre Matlovsky).

Miluka Rivera with the president of the Casa de España in Puerto Rico, José Santiago, during her talk "The Spaniards and Puerto Ricans contributions to Cinema in USA." 10-09-13 (photo by © Navarre Matlovsky). (Right: Miluka with the staff of the Colección Puertorriqueña, at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Lázaro Library, after her lecture about the "Puerto Rican Legacy in Hollywood." (The event was live-streaming) 10-10-13.


  (Member of the Puerto Rico's House of Representatives, honorable Sonia Pacheco, presents to Miluka Rivera, a citation to greed and honor Henry Silva and the act "Boricuas in Hollywood" by Rivera at FLMM, on 10-10-2013.  (Right) Noemi Hernández (publicist) and Miluka Rivera who receives a Proclamation from honorable Mayor of Coamo, Puerto Rico, Juan Carlos Padilla who Proclaimed October 10, 2013 the day of actor Henry Silva. (photos © Navarre Matlovsky).


Miluka's Talk and Pre_Oscar event - Honoring José Ferrer & Latino Oscar winners.

(Navarre Matlovsky, Miluka, Liz Torres, Josh Cruze, Alma Martínez, Saida Pagán and Alicia Menciso) at Old San Juan LA Rest.,  


At the ALMA AWARDS, Lauren Levian-Darrow, Henry Darrow (a "Ricardo Montalbán Award Recipient") and author Jan Pippins.   (to the right) Miluka Rivera.

During a Conference at the CineFiesta Internacional film festival en Puerto Rico, Museo de Puerto Rico. (Left to right, Stars: Braulio Castillo, jr. and actress/anchorwoman Myraida Chaves. July,  2012. (photo by Corriendo Cámara).

A casa llena "Café y Conversación con Miluka Rivera" en la Tienda de el Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, August, 1, 2012.

Miluka Rivera en la presentación del libro y Conferencia magistral, en la  Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín de Trujillo Alto, August 5, 2012 (Photo courtesy © Vandalista)

Miluka (center) with Blanca Erós-Morales and director and Oscar nominee producer Jacobo Morales. To the right Miluka, Tony de la Vera (MC), presenter actor-singer actor Orvil Miller and the team from Equino Musical (an Univision Radio Show), Dra. Barbara Bustillo and its host Manuel Almeida Pérez during the presentación and Confrence at Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation in Puerto Rico. Miluka signing her books at the FLMM, August 5, 2012. (Photos courtesy of Vandalista©).

 Erik Estrada with Miluka Rivera. / Right: Liz Torres, Erik Estrada and Miluka Rivera (behind Liz, actor James Victor), during a holidays' gathering and celebration of her successful tour in Puerto Rico in 2011 at Rivera's dance studio in Burbank, Ca, Kumaras Center for the Arts, Dance and Etiquette. Her interview in "Acceso Total" by Telemundo PR, was included as one of the most important News events in Puerto Rico in the 2011 by Telemundo news.


(Above) Miluka Rivera was a special guest of honor by Dr. Federico Matheu, head of Metropolitan University (UMET), who brought her to Puerto Rico in November, 2011 to present her book and to do a lecture at UMET of Cupey. She also received a special Tribute and reception sponsored by UMET for her book efforts.

Photos © courtesy by UMET.

Above Miluka during during her book presentation at the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women at Conrad Condado Plaza in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Center: NACOPRW board of directors: Violeta Colón Torres, Miluka Rivera (keynote speaker), Vivian Ortiz y Vilma Colom. Vivian Ortiz, Miluka, Anne L. Howard Tristani,
Vice-Chancellor for International, Federal and Corporate Affairs of the UNE, Dr. Maritza I. Espina, Dean of the UNE Business School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a collegue. (Photos © by Luz Selenia).

Left to right: Miluka with Davis (host of the segment "Nada Personal") during his interview with her in Telemundo PR  in  "Día a Día with Raymond and Dagmar. Lourdes Collazo during the Telemundo PR "Acceso Total Interview with Miluka Rivera. Miluka Rivera with the Idol Puerto Rico champion Christian Pagán and finalista Japhet Albert. (Photos © Miluka Rivera) 

Miluka during radio interviews in Puerto Rico at WKAQ 580 AM Univisión Radio ("Equino Musical" con Manuel Almeida y Orvil Miller) live on Saturdays at 11AM (Eastern time). To the right, with Sherman Wildman at Radio WOSO 1030 AM and Radio Universia "Papel, Piedras y Tijeras"  (Photos © Miluka Rivera).

During the launching of the book at the Los Angeles Book and Family Festival - Oct.  2010. Left to right: Miluka signing boks, Stephanie Kestenholz and Elan Lixander (Miluka's son). (photo 3) Ignacio Gomez, Miluette Nalin (Miluka's daughter), Rosaura Miller, Miluka, Janice Miller and Mercedes Julian. (photo 4) Mayor of LA, CA -Antonio Villaraigosa, received a signed book from Miluka Rivera. (Photos by ©Navarre Matlovsky)

During Librería Martínez Presentation - Dec. 2, 2010- Reuben Martinez (Owner), Miluka, Navarre Matlovsky, Prof. Mercedes Julian (Moderator), Janice Miller and Zenaida.

(Photos © by Navarre Matlovsky)

Presentation in librería Tertulia in Old San Juan Puerto Rico - Dec 11, 2010. (Photo 2) Audience at Tertulia bookstore, right corner in white actor Ernesto González. Miluka signed a book to Vicky Iglesias. (Photos courtesy - Tamara Carros Iglesias). Tamara Carro Iglesias, Miluka and Vicky Iglesias. (Photo by Miluette Nalin). 

En la librería Paliques de Ponce, Puerto Rico durante la presentación del libro. De izd a derecha: el escritor Peché Sánchez, la actriz Miluette Nalin (hija de Miluka), Miluka, Angie y George Muñoz (dueños de Paliques). 12-18-10.


Special Moments with Legendary Stars:

 Novenitas celebration at the Kumaras Center for the Arts, Dance & Etiquette in Burbank, (left) legendary actors (who appeared in the book Legado Puertorriqueño en Hollywood), Eugene Iglesias, Miluka, James Victor, José Perez and Nelson D. Cuevas. (Right) Eugene Iglesias and Miluka Rivera. (Photos by Rolando Olivarez  - 01-09-11).



 Miluka con John Voight, William Hurt, Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels. (photos © by Navarre Matlovsky)


Miluka Rivera, Raúl Juliá and Navarre Matlovsky - photo by Anita Velez-Mitchell